Responses to THE AREA

THE AREA is an eye-opening saga of resistance.

Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader

THE AREA is a complex, issue-driven documentary analyzing the erasure of a neighborhood, and shining a light on the meaning of community.

LaToya Cross, South Side Weekly

It sounds like the premise of a movie from the 1930s … beautiful and haunting at the same time.

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

When people talk about how they got involved as activists, or how they became organizers, it’s often the things that hit you closest to home. It’s what happened on my block, or what happened to my neighbor, or what I personally experienced. And then you start finding that others are experiencing those same things! That’s organizing. This particular fight … characterizes the nature of this work in Chicago.

Amara Enyia, lawyer, policy consultant, & Chicago mayoral candidate

THE AREA is “an urgent and compelling documentary about a dimension of city that’s rarely seen on the big screen.”

Harrison Sherrod, Cinefile

THE AREA “brings new meaning to the phrase ‘the wrong side of the tracks.'”

David Lamble, The Bay Area Reporter

“It’s a film that is both about holding onto and restoring dignity in the face of insurmountable odds … a profoundly emotional work that should be seen by all.”

Steve Prokopy, Third Coast Review

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